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Our Organization stands for land owners rights, we stand for conservation of land and for dealing with this plague on our lands known to many as feral hogs.

We support hunting and harvesting of hogs and your right to do so, by whatever means and methods one chooses as long as it's not detrimental to other types of native species, wildlife or our land.  We support the ones who provide a service and offer a place to hunt as well. 
If your truly concerned then you will take the time to understand and maybe get involved and support us.

(THHA Mission Statement)

Texas hog hunters association (THHA) was founded with three key principles in mind. 
1: Conservation of Texas lands. 
2: Hunting for Population control of the Feral hog.
3: Education

What we have found is that by creating a community of active members consisting of land owners, ranchers, hunters and outfitters who can work together, we can create a balance of these three principles.

There are numerous opportunities in this great State for all who are involved, from the hunter stocking his freezer, or the ones who hunt for trophy, the ranchers and farmers who are in need of the free hog removal programs, as well as the state for the conservation and protection of public and private lands that are plagued with this problem.

As a united and not divided organization we can provide these great services for hog removal and hunting opportunities through a vast network of reputable members utilizing the power of name recognition and reputation. 
THHA prides itself for being a family oriented organization and believe strongly in teaching and mentoring our youth and helping to mold them into tomorrow's great hunters, and showing them how to be great stewards of the land.

Do you want to be involved? Join Today!

Do you want to Support Texas Hog Hunters Association? Join Today!

THHA Membership dues go toward supporting this organization grow. The dues help fight legislation that is designed to hurt hunting, trapping efforts and the industries and businesses who cater to them.  We are a grass roots organization, we have built this organization from the ground up and completely self funded through membership, merchandising and small donations. We are recognized by multiple organizations and State agencies as an association comprised of quality members and reputable businesses, and we intend to keep this reputation.    

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